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  • Dental, vision, hearing, prescriptions, health & more
  • Low cost plans, easy sign-up
  • Great Medicare or insurance supplement
  • A variety of plans to meet your needs

    Choose from options combining dental, vision, hearing, prescription, medical care, and more.Read More
  • Looking for a Medicare supplement?

    We have a plan designed specifically to work side by side with your existing Medicare coverage.Read More
  • Save even more with annual plans

    Save 10% on your membership fees with an annual plan.Read More
  • Cover your entire household

    Our Family plans cover everyone in your household, plus adult parents, and children living at college.


  • I saved more than $750 on my dental procedures with my Careington Dental Discount Plan! My entire family benefits from the plan, and I recommend it to everyone!
    Todd R. – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Careington refers to Total-Care as their most comprehensive plan, but it surpassed my expectations! During the past year, my Careington discounts helped me save much more than the cost of my membership! Although I have a basic insurance plan, I can use my Careington discount plan to save on blood tests, vision care, prescriptions, vitamins, plus visits to physicians, nutritionists, and alternative care practitioners.

    This plan has it all! I even used the Careington lifestyle discounts to request free travel advice and honeymoon planning services. Plus, I received courteous and quick answers from the customer service representative!

    M.M. – Plano, Texas
  • This is awesome for people who are self employed and don't have dental coverage through a job. We paid the annual fee for a family plan and in one root canal saved more than what the whole year cost! Thanks so much for a great plan.
    Marta - New York

Easy To Get, Easy To Use

Millions of Americans have limited access to insurance coverage. For some, their employers only provide medical coverage – or provide no coverage at all and they have to find expensive individual insurance. For others, preexisting conditions make insurance too costly or impossible to obtain.

Discount care plans are different. There are no medical screenings and nobody is turned away due to preexisting conditions. You can access the program immediately so there are no lengthy delays before you can receive the treatments you need as sometimes happens with insurance.

And you can see what needs to be paid before you purchase healthcare services without worrying about obscure rules or a third party looking for ways to deny coverage after the bill is already owed.

Affordable Insurance Alternatives by

Whether you just need a simple dental plan to supplement your existing insurance, or you need access to discounts at all types of health care providers, Discount Care Plans has a low cost, easy to use program that fits.

Discount Care Plans provides individuals, families, and organizations easy access to affordable healthcare and wellness services. Over 100,000 dentists, 50,000 optometrists, 48,000 pharmacies, and 90,000 physicians participate in our programs, so our members can expect extensive discounts to a broad range of services at providers near them.

All of our plans are backed by Careington International, a leader in the medical discount field. Careington has been working with healthcare providers since 1979 to provide Americans with easy access to more affordable care.

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